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Workflow automation, integrity tracking and productivity reporting for print and mail operations.

Get instant access to real-time data that allows you to make executive decisions that will grow your business and customer relationships. Ironsides APT also improves productivity through highly detailed reporting that helps you better manage staff and machine throughput, reduce bottlenecks and eliminate errors. Most importantly, it ensures 100% distribution compliance, providing your customers with assurance that all of their jobs down to the piece-level have been assembled correctly, accounted for and are fully compliant with all major rules and regulations.


Ironsides APT ensures the integrity of individual pieces and complete jobs across multiple production lines while providing the performance benchmarking information to optimize production. Ironsides APT tracks pages and collations being printed, finished, mailed and shipped, in real time, across all brands of continuous and cut sheet printers, ink jet printers, inserters, and finishing equipment.

With Ironsides APT, the user always has desktop access to work-in-process, production benchmarking, integrity accuracy and the delivery metrics necessary to optimize business performance.

Equipment usage, productivity, job accuracy, sheet/piece compliance are tracked in real-time to:

  • Maximize machine production efficiency
  • Reduce expensive spoilage and re-work costs
  • Ensure privacy protection of printed data
  • Optimize deployment of production assets and operating resources
  • Provide production metrics to optimize business performance
  • Automated reconciliation and reprinting of defects

Ironsides APT provides greater throughput across all production devices, regardless of make and model of equipment. This allows our customers to run current generation jobs, with high integrity requirements, on existing legacy equipment:

  • Effective and economical
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Fully productized solution
  • Open and scalable architecture
  • Comprehensive reporting and access to data
  • Flexible 3rd party integration with current ADF, composition, MIS platforms and reporting software

Ironsides APT provides real-time transparency to all work-in-process. This information includes the production and delivery performance data necessary to optimize integrity, workflow, load balancing and productivity. Since all pieces are tracked, verified and recorded across all connected devices, Ironsides APT creates comprehensive document life cycle accountability for all production. Data is reported by device, operator, job, customer, shift and process to alleviate the information disconnects between departments. From composition through production and business management, all stakeholders have the real-time information necessary to optimize their business.

Tracks multiple equipment lines and processes with a central database

  • Reconciles inputs from multiple devices (regardless of brand)
  • Manages production across all production phases
  • No creating and moving of data files between devices or departments

Real time production tracking and monitoring

  • Real time piece level tracking
  • Real time multi-device monitoring
  • Real time job performance measurement
  • Simultaneous monitoring and display of all production

Automatic reprint generation

  • Collects and reconciles errors automatically, in real-time, across all processes
  • Identifies and reports missing, damaged and duplicate pieces
  • Communicates with composition and print management software

Detect duplicate and missing pieces across multiple production lines

  • Eliminate spoilage
  • Eliminate expensive manual reconciliation
  • Protect your customers' private data

Automatic 100% piece and job level accountability

  • Reduce risk of compliance penalties
  • Reduce risk of late delivery fees
  • Identify logjams & integrity issues across the production enterprise
  • Optimize operator and equipment productivity

Track jobs and production across multiple production facilities

  • Reconcile jobs and production across multiple facilities
  • Combine data from multiple plants for enterprise wide integrity and productivity reporting
  • Maximize job productivity based on performance levels of operators and equipment at different production sites

Ironsides APT's window to work-in-process includes efficiency assessments per job, operator and device while providing instant messaging to all required contacts when user defined error conditions are identified. Ironsides APT provides real-time work-in-process information on a command and control dashboard and in over 100 standard reports.


Ironsides APT’s SLA (production performance) monitoring capabilities allow users to track job performance versus the commitments they have made to their customers. Ironsides APT enables all authorized personnel to view real-time production performance information from their desktop or mobile device to make the necessary adjustments to avoid late delivery penalties.

Ironsides APT tracks and displays all jobs by process (printing, finishing, mailing, shipping, etc.) and the jobs as a whole to provide a real-time snapshot of production status versus schedules and SLA’s.

The SLA dashboard enables users to manage productivity or job performance issues before they escalate to a crisis:

  • Receive text or email notification for job deadline, integrity or reprint issues
  • Add new production on additional devices to expedite job completion
  • Rush job rescheduling and priority re-ordering
  • Split jobs for optimal load balancing
  • Automatically reconcile errors for jobs spread across multiple production lines

Information on the SLA dashboard is updated in real-time as jobs progress, displaying the status of all jobs by process and the entire job spread across the production enterprise. By monitoring the progress of all processes and all jobs, Ironsides APT users ensure the timely delivery of their print, mail and fulfillment work, ensuring satisfaction of their customers and avoiding late delivery fees and compliance penalties.

Ironsides APT tracks job performance, pieces and productivity by device, by operator and by job, providing the information necessary to optimize production schedules and delivery performance. Ironsides APT’s graphical displays provide real-time data which is accessible in over 100 standard reports or via raw data for our clients to use as they please. Ironsides APT’s real-time information eliminates manual data entry and provides real-time transparency to production via desktop or mobile device access. Ironsides APT’s reporting includes:

  • Productivity reports by equipment
  • Productivity reports by operators
  • Job performance by customer
  • Device uptime statistics and performance monitoring
  • Status of all pieces in all jobs including re-print tracking
  • Job production performance versus production schedules and SLA’s
  • Daily, weekly and monthly job analysis

Ironsides APT provides the information to enable its users to affect production issues as they occur including automatic text, email and pop-up messages when real-life error conditions (such as late production) occur. With comprehensive piece- and job-level reports in both graphical and textural formats, Ironsides APT users have the information immediately available to avoid late delivery fees, compliance penalties and optimize productivity.

Ironsides APT’s architecture is scalable to add equipment as your requirements, applications or processes change.

Single Device Upgrade

Production efficiency and integrity starts with the upgrade to legacy printing, finishing and mailing/inserting equipment which have little or no intelligence. By adding Ironsides APT on these devices, our clients reduce their capital expenditure for new equipment while running current generation, high integrity jobs on legacy devices.

  • Upgrade old OMR inserters or file based inserters to current generation integrity standards
  • Upgrade manifesting and accountability standards
  • Create piece level integrity reports for compliance purposes

Ironsides APT can also be useful for single device integrity verification by accepting data from existing cameras or scanners:

  • Automated reconciliation of finished pieces at an inserter, printer and booklet maker
  • Automated fulfillment reconciliation and creation of reprint file
  • Add integrity and audit trails to manual processes

These single device installations provide an investment that can be leveraged again and again. The scalable Ironsides APT architecture allows changes to existing equipment and additional devices to be added without losing any investment in previously purchased Ironsides APT components.

What is Intelligent Mail® Barcode (IMB)?

Intelligent Mail® Barcode (IMB), the USPS mandate formerly referred to as the 4-State Customer barcode, is used to sort and track letters and flats. The Postal Service is promoting use of the Intelligent Mail barcode because it expands the ability to track individual mail-pieces and provides customers with greater visibility into the mailstream. Mailers have the option to use the Intelligent Mail barcode on letters and flat mails for the Confirm® Service, referred to as OneCode Confirm™ and a version of Address Change Service™ (ACS™) called OneCode ACS™. This makes it a valuable part of an Enterprise Address Mail Management strategy. Since this IMB code can contain a unique identifier, this innate code can be utilized to provide the piece level tracking information to Ironsides APT.

For detailed information on how to populate the Intelligent Mail® barcode, please access the Intelligent Mail® barcode specification and Technical Resource Guide from

Ironsides APT with IMB

Ironsides APT tracks every mail-piece throughout all production steps. The tracking is based on the unique ID on the mailpiece. This unique ID can come from a standard 1D or 2D barcode such as Code 128, PDF417, Datamatrix, or QR Code, etc. However, since USPS mandates IMB on all mail pieces, user definable digits within the IMB can also provide the document processor with the character spaces to populate the piece’s unique identifier for tracking purposes. Most commercially available camera systems decode and verify IMB codes just as they do 1D and 2D barcodes.

The USPS uses IMB to track mail during the delivery process. Ironsides APT can utilize the IMB during print & mail production processes for closed loop integrity and productivity reporting.

The key benefits using Intelligent Mail® Barcode (IMB)-based Ironsides APT include:

  • Comply with USPS requirements
  • Multi-purpose piece level identification
  • Piece level tracking and reporting without adding additional identifiers to the pieces
  • Leverage existing piece level tracking systems and workflow to manage SLA and customer communications
  • Automate the reprint and reconciliation process

TransPromo Support with IMB and Ironsides APT
Since the IMB is unique to both the mailing and the addressee, mailers can utilize the IMB code to point back to a database for response tracking and to measure the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns.


Ironsides APT is an easily integrated, highly scalable, real-time piece-level tracking and integrity reporting system. Ironsides APT allows users to efficiently manage production while ensuring the timely and accurate delivery of documents. Ironsides APT is 100% open, meaning it integrates with existing composition, workflow, transformation and ADF products while allowing clients full access to the data. It is device independent and can be installed on any brand/model printer, inserter or finishing device. Ironsides APT is field proven to improve the operations and business performance of its users.

  • Manage risk
    • Job-level and piece-level tracking
    • Reduce customer information breaches
    • Improve facility and customer compliance
  • Improve margin
    • Group batch like jobs
    • Reduce production and reprint costs
  • Expand revenue streams
    • Customer Retention – horizontal and vertical departments
    • Provide new service offerings
    • Create new customer opportunities in highly regulated industries
      • Financial Services
      • Government
      • Healthcare
  • Data consolidation
    • One true command and control center
    • Centralized reporting
  • Open architecture, device independent
    • Create a standard tracking solution
    • Integrate with and adapt to current production devices/solutions
    • Protect your investment
  • Regulatory and contractual protection
    • Avoid major quality disruptions
    • Risk and security audits
  • Elimination of manual processes
    • Automated reprint
    • Job/piece reconciliation
    • Reducing human intervention and potential error
  • Business Intelligence
    • Manage daily production
      • Job progress
      • SLA manager
    • Utilization reporting
      • Operator
      • Machine
      • Facility
    • Client specific reporting
    • Audit reporting
  • Printer
    • API into controller
    • Web Inspection/2D reader
    • Job level tracking (work order scan)
  • Bindery/Finishing
    • Job level tracking (work order scan)
    • Ability to integrate with existing tracking products
    • Ability to install counting devices
  • Insertion platform
    • Ironsides camera installation
    • Log file receipt from existing vision system

Industry Best Practices– Ironsides APT enables our clients to deploy industry best production practices to efficiently produce critical client documents while reducing compliance risks.

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